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MM_RC_HolidaySweater_Female - Sims 4

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So....after driving Rebecah :insane:  my brain kicked in and I got these right.  They are recolours of the Holiday Sweater using mana-tea sims patterns as inspiration. They show up correctly as one item with recolours, not individual items. They are a match with the Male's Holiday Sweaters using the light colours for the women and the darker colours for the men. They should be pretty toasty for the Winter Season and I hope your Simmies like them.

A huge :Thank_you: to mana-tea Sims for the inspiration and to Spoonflower for the patterns. An even bigger :Thank_you: to Rebecah for her patience in teaching me how to do these the right way. 

May all of you have a healthy, happy and Blessed Christmas. :image014-22:

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I am choosing the Sims4 CAS, so what is my problem and how do I fix that cause I have more stuffs.  :confused22: I feel like such a bother today. Don't worry about getting back to me  until after Christmas, as Christmas is almost here and everyone is so busy getting ready. On Monday I am pre-cooking the vegetables, potatoes and making devilled eggs. Oh I almost forgot, have to make the family Christmas pudding or Dave will be disappointed. On Christmas Day, all I have to do is make the stuffing, put it in the bird and then bake the turkey. Dave also loves apple pie and I found a recipe that looks very tasty, so we may have 2 desserts. You can never have too much food at Christmas   :ROLF:

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I meant when you post an item it has a version number default is 1.0 or something like that.  We used to change that to Sims 2, 3 or 4.  To help people know which version of the game you are posting. 

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