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Updated Mesh 26Nov2009 Krampt Quarters - A One-tile desk for your Sims

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Posted 05 March 2008 - 05:28 PM

Howdy Ya'll

I have for SimSafe2's one year Birthday a very nice, new paneled desk for smaller homes and children's rooms. I made it for the SS2 chat house to go in the computer room. It is one-tile and large enough for a computer. It cost $125 and has an environment rating of 2.

SvetLanka has made many beautiful recolors of this desk - you can find them here. If you want one that is a bit more country-style, you might want to look at my newest desk here.

Happy Birthday SimSafe,


Poly Counts

Vertices=764, Facets=454

Games Needed

Base Game Compatible

EP Compatible through Seasons

Special Note about Desks: When using it in a child's room always leave the one tile to the right open, so they will put their homework on the desk. This is a Maxis thing and nothing to do with this desk in particular.

Note to Artists: If you use a wood grain to recolor, a burled pattern, a subtle grain or a painted wood color would look best. The entire image is 512x512 and, all except for a tiny corner for the knobs, is entirely of wood grain.


Rebecah, for fixing a problem with homework and always bailing me out




UV Mapper Classic


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