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Free Time Classic Bed Double Sized Free Time EP Required - EP7

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 09:59 AM

Note: I've found another glitch for toddler use. They must be dressed in their pj's before they try to use this bed. I will try to come up with a work around but until then please have them in pj's to use it.

Free Time EP is required for this to be used in your game. The actual bed is cloned from a base game but the textures for the frame are pulled from the maxis single version. All recolors of the single version will work with this mesh, because I've used the repository technique for both the frame and the bedding.

This EP has lots of changes in the way items are coded. All of my previous beds will not work for toddler to use because of the way the codes have changed. I did make this bed useable by toddler to do so I had to add global animations to it. I didn't actually change the global setting only included it as for some reason it wasn't finding the animations without it being included in the package.

I have found a lot of custom content is not compatible with the new EP, so be sure to check for updates for those items that don't work for you. If you find one of my creations not working for you and I haven't updated it yet, be sure to let me know, by private message preferably. Please realize these update will take some time to get finished.

Comfort/Energy are coded for 12 the same setting as the crib.


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