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MM_RC_LongCardigan{Accessory}Part-1 & Part-2

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It may be just me, but I find this idea to be genius You choose an outfit for you Sim and then you go to the *Accessory* section and lo and behold you can add a long cardigan.

Thank you SimpleSimmer, as I said, this is just GENIUS!  *It is found in the *Index Finger (Left)* category in your game. It works best with sleeveless 
tops as it clips with sleeved tops.*---from Simple Simmer


You will need the MESH for this cardigan to show up in you game and check out Simple Simmer's other downloads and grab what appeals to you!


I have all of the expansion and stuff packs as well as the latest patch installed.


Happy Simming Everyone!  :Peek-A-Boo:

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Now this is a brilliant idea! Going to test this right now! Thank you so much, MM! :389-Amours-love-:

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