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We are in the midst of some snow storms where I live, hence the outwear for our Sims ladies. My wee dog, Jake is having the time of his life rolling in the fluffy snow, me-I prefer to stay nice and toasty warm. I think our Sims might agree with me.

I do think that this coat is perfect for when Sims need a bit of a dressy type coat, like if they go to church, or out for dinner in the fall and winter. Joliebean designed a perfect coat for those occasions. The collar and matching band on the sleeves is a perfect touch to make this a stand out coat where ever your Sims goes. A bit of a teaser, Joliebean also made a coat for the guys.


You will need this MESH in order for it to show up in your game.


I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed, as well as the latest patch from Origin.


Happy Simming Everyone   :Peek-A-Boo:



*Broken Link-Fixed*

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Oh I love how you made some of them look like wide corduroy.  The mesh page they have made me think something was wrong and I had to login or something.  I've never seen where that list a few items before it goes to the download option on simfileshare.


Lovely textures all the way around!  Thanks so much for your beautiful work!


On a second note it seems to me the .package files download much faster than a rar or a zip file.

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:ROLF: I somehow kicked myself off the site when I went to say thanks and then went on to misspell this entire sentence. :1doh1:

I now only do a zip file if there are too many recolours and I have to separate them into 2 parts. It takes less time to upload them to SFS.

The corduroy thing was purely accidental, it happened when I found a swatch I liked at Spoonflower. It didn't even look like corduroy

until I opened it in my paint program. I sharpened it a wee bit and to me it was perfect.

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5 hours ago, Rebecah said:


Lovely textures all the way around!  Thanks so much for your beautiful work!

 I more than 100% agree! :Thank_you:

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