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Aspiration Reward - Mods - Sims 4 - Sept 10, 2020

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About This File

I checked for changes in the Sept 10, 2020 update and these files are still good.  No Changes needed!


I recently started playing Sims 4 again and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of words that have decent-sized lots, and oh my goodness the toddlers are so darn adorable.    


I looked to try to find a current mod to make the Aspiration Rewards cheaper and could not find one that was up to date.  So I made my own.


Important:  There are 3 different flavors in the zip file - You must choose one and only one to put into your Mod folders for Sims 4.


There is a Free version which you are able to purchase them for 0 points.




One that they will all cost 10 points each




One that the cost is 100 points each








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