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Write Songs Faster - Sims 4 - October 13, 2022

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About This File

No changes were needed for October 13, 2022.


There were numerous changes to this file and I updated it August 6, 2022


There was no change needed for the February 2021 update.


There was a minor change needed for this file Jan 27, 2021.


This is another of the items that I felt was very unrealistic, time wise.  I was disappointed not to be able to find a mod that worked for these either.  It's taken me a few weeks to get it figured out.  I found an outdated one on MTS but it didn't work.  


The trick seemed to be I had to add the resume options to the file also.  I didn't know we could even resume the music until I studied this.  But I did find the resume is not an actual resume, it takes almost as long to do a resume as it does to write a song.  I would get so frustrated when a sims had to go to work or school and I'd lose all that work. 


There are sheet music sheets created in your sims inventory that can now also be done quickly.  They do have to be songs that have been written...not Lyrics or Jingles.  I've been working on those options too, but have not been able to get them much faster.


This mod works for guitar, violin, piano, keyboard, and the organ.  


This mod is only for writing songs.  This does not help with writing lyric, I've tried to get one for the lyrics but I am unable to get one that helps with them.

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Hooray! :cheerleader:Beck, you are the best of the best! Thank you so much for this mod! It's really frustrating to wait and wait, and like you said have to stop in the middle of achieving something.  The Sims timing in most of the things they have to do is so unrealistic :hmm::Thank_you:

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5 hours ago, Rebecah said:

Star Wars won't be released for a couple more days.  The mod is version 1.66 as of today.

Great thank you!

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Thank you so much for this! I got so frustrated that it took like an entire day to write a song while my other sim could write about 5 books PER DAY. BOOKS. THOSE TAKE WAY LONGER LOGICALLY.

Meanwhile, IRL, some music artists have songs that they wrote in a half an hour!

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Thank you I hate how EA make the Sims take unreasonable.  I recently realized there are different file for lyrics so I am working on that one now.

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 Hi, I am unable to open this. It says file has been damaged or corrupted :(


I love this mod and wish I could use it now...

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