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SPX Wicker Recolours

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About This File

Quite a long time ago I made a set of recolours for SimPlanX (SPX) wicker outdoor furniture. After my laptop crash and having to replace my hard drive I was absolutely shocked and delighted to find these files. I don't even remember making them and have no clue why I never uploaded them.

There are 2 sets and both sets contain the necessary meshes. If you have my original recolours, just delete the mesh files included with these sets.


1-jpg-8edb4491177fa8b842c1c234e1e0e11e.j 2-jpg-dd85bcbc14fb05a9c751ffab9deee1fd.j

3-jpg-d9847e4daac704a3b2c4acb8a28aae1f.j 4-jpg-7fa9f460e70310d762fd25b472a3dee0.j

5-jpg-e6163b08d75ced08146efe5ca929a1c8.j 6-jpg-54c1f93e6c3678b313552a6768f79c91.j

B1-jpg-5de02b51922b62f6dae048d64216e121. B2-jpg-2d3c72c2428e3a5a25a3b4e0a0f00523.

B3-jpg-238e09c1551b0be185c2d688a1ae111d. B4-jpg-9efd04110d3193c7442fb7b06f8b0939.

B5-jpg-2d609022ecd4892c98322c8cae5b22a2. B6-jpg-4220ed7135bc706fcfe44e77b307ec11.






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