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Toddler Castle Bed and Changing Table Fun Time Stuff Pack Required

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Posted 08 November 2008 - 05:20 PM


Updated July 27, 2014: To fix undefined transition error, on crib when toddler get out of the bed.

The Toddler bed was requested by strawberry85 by private message.

I added the Changing Table to give everyone a set.

The bed pulls textures from the EA beds for the bedding, and the frame is pulled from the EA Single Castle Bed.

The changing table gets it's textures from the EA regular bedding and the frame from the dresser that came with Fun Time Stuff Pack.

Please see the video if you are unfamiliar with how my toddler beds work. Toddlers will go to bed when they need to, you can tell them to go to bed if their needs are around 50% for energy. They will change into pj's to go to bed and change back to everyday clothing when they get up.


Games Needed
Fun Time Stuff Pack for textures

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usually when something blinks blue a mesh it means a mesh is missing, but I'm not sure what would be causing it with this.


You have Fun Time Stuff Pack?


CC enabled?

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I really like this set, but I'm having trouble with the change table. Today I put the change table into a lot and it wasn't clickable. And I can't delete it either, even with moveobjects on, or force an error with it. I have the 'Family Fun' SP and I'm assuming that's the one you indicate is required. Any thoughts?

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I added a different version that should work for someone who does not have all of the expansions.  It will still require FF SP, because of the textures.

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That was fast! Thank you very much, Rebecah. I'll try it out and let you know if I still have a problem with it

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