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SPX-Ambrosia Dining Set - Sims 4 - Hutch Added

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I have converted the Sims 2 Ambrosia Dining set by SPX to Sims 4.  I was not able to convert her hutch, but I really tried.  MM and I worked on several projects for Sims 2 and I asked her if she'd like me to convert any furniture sets that she'd enjoy recoloring.  So this is a new project for her.  I hope she will create us some wonderful recolors.  I did create two just to be sure they would look work.  The first image is of SPXs original texture converted to work with this set.


The set includes the following:


Dining Table - 250
Dining Chair - 250
Left Curtain - 100
Right Curtain - 100

Hutch - 350  - under decorative miscellaneous 


The sofa in the image is from my Sims 3 Providence conversion to Sims 4 and can be found Click Here.


I added the hutch at just after 9 PM EST.  




If you happen to be a mesh creator and your wavefront.obj just will not work try importing it as a milkshape mesh, or another type.  That is what worked for me the MS version worked but no way would the wavefront.obj work.  I tried just about everything to clone and nothing would work.


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:389-Amours-love-: What a lovely set! Thank you, Beck!


MM, I'm looking forward to your recolours!

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