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The World Trade Center - A Tribute to... - Neighborhood decoration - Sims 2

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Posted 23 October 2007 - 06:46 AM


First of this is a tribute to the Victims and the Heroes of September 11, 2001.

I created both of the twin towers as neighborhood objects, so you can view them from either inside a nearby lot or from the neighborhood view, but you cannot visit them.

These towers where requested by Spider9271.

These are buildings just like the 3 neighborhood skyscrapers that came with Maxis nightlife expansion, only somewhat bigger!

This is best viewed from within a lot close to the building because of it's size!

However if you have a camera hack that can zoom further out than the Maxis default camera then you can view it also in full from within the neighborhood.

This building does not replace any maxis buildings, so the other 3 are also still available.

You find it in Neighborhood view under decorations/misc.

You will need the nightlife expansion for them to show up.


Just like any object open the rar-file and place the package file in your downloads folder!

Very small issue:

Depending on your graphics card from some angles the look of them can be a little weird in the neighborhood view.

A good fix is, in graphics options set the smooth edges towards more instead of less, so slide it all the way down (see pic below), that way in the neighborhood view they do look great.

Once you are on a lot this isn't needed anymore, so you can then slide it again towards less they look great from a lot in all different settings.

When this option isn't available (grayed out) that means your graphics card doesn't allow smoothening of edges.

Enjoy the towers in your neighborhoods! smile.gif

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