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Updated 9/19/22 - Bavaria - Outdoor Set - Converted to Sims 4

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Thanks to Alet testing she found the dining chair in this set needed to be raised up a bit so that it may be placed inside.  If you use the bb.moveobjects cheat you don't need to worry about this.  Thanks so much Alet for all your help and testing.


Wood 4 Sims - Bavaria Outside Set - - Converted from Sims 2 to Sims 4

Barstool - 250
Outdoor Dining Chair - 125
Outdoor Living Room Chair - 250
Outdoor Lounger - 300
Outdoor Bench - 150
Outside Bench with Canopy - 250
Outside Bench with Canopy 2 - 150  
1x1 Dining Table - 375
1x1 Dining Table - 375
1x2 Dining Table - 425
1x2 Dining Table2 - 425
Grill - 750 requires SP12 Toddlers is required for this
Umbrella Table - 250


I wasn't going to include the 1x2 tables because the game makes them look strange with only a half of a shadow.  There seems to be a bug or something as several of the items get a half shadow on them.  If I turn the item in a different direction the shadow stays and does not move with the item.  If I angle the tables the shadow is over most of the table.


The grill was my ultimate challenge but after many attempts I got it.  :penguin03:











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