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17 - 2 Tile Bed Frames - 1 - 2 Tile Mattress for toddlers and children

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I had a request from "The Dark Lady" on MTS for more toddler beds like my Princess Bed posted there a long time ago  Click here to view it and it is here also Click here.  Well I was perplexed about using so many GUID numbers since we no longer are able to get new blocks of numbers.  So I decided to create the frame separate from the mattress by cloning a rug.  Unfortunately the game does not do a very good job of creating an good icon in the catalog.  Also note:  the 2 green tiles show up when you place the mattress but the third is just for the joints to work properly.  You may place anything on that third tile.




All frames are 50 simolons each the mattress is 800.  All are found under beds.


I created custom animations for the mattress using Wes_h's mods.  I tried to get the child books to appear when a toddler makes the bed but I was not successful.  If you don't like seeing a toddler make the bed then please do not download this item.  The other issues is the children sometimes bleed through the blankets.  The blanket is a bit high on toddlers from time to time.  I removed the portion of the blanket that covered between the blanket and bed as I could not get it to work.  Video link to view how the mattress works on the princess bed.  



I completely forgot my first version of this was the cast away set and I don't know where that went.  I will have to search for it.  


This info still applies to this mattress.


The bed shows the footprints for 3 tiles, because I was not able to remove the 3rd tile completely, but no cheats are needed for placement and the 3rd tile is free to use.


It will allow toddlers and children to go to bed no matter what their energy level is.


This bed is for toddlers and children only, it is found under Seating/Beds for $800. Energy and Comfort are set to 10.


Both Toddlers and Children will stay in bed until 6 AM if not directed to do something else.


Thanks to Wes_h's plugins I have done manual edits to several of the child animations and created most of my own animations for the toddler relax option. I also edited the sleeping animation to make the toddler eyes close when asleep. (my previous versions toddler slept with their eyes open)


Children and Toddlers will not get hot when jumping on this bed, an option I really dislike about the EA beds.


Bedding uses all Maxis Bedding and any recolors you have.



Thanks so "The Dark Lady" for make this request.  :Thank_you:


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Thank you very much, Beck! I would love to have some of these in Sims 4  :)

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