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MM_RC_VintageRobe_AF &_TF

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This is a 4 to 2 conversion done by Julie J and then made available for teens by DeeDee. It was by far my most favourite Robe in the Sims 4. The Sims 4 version is HERE

Hopefully this is the correct file as I messed up the previous upload for this and never even noticed! :oops: This getting old thing can seriously affect my brain from time to time.

I do not recolour elder meshes, I make the adult recolours and then use Wardrobe Wrangler to *Enable* my recolours for the Elders.

These recolours are obviously in the *Sleepwear* section because I just don't see these as appropriate in any of the other sections. Granny would NOT be pleased to have this as a formal dress and I rather doubt Gramps would like that either.:ROLF: (rather lame attempt at humour)

 I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection installed on my computer and these recolours were made using that version of Bodyshop.

I do not play my game on line, so my game is as up to date as is possible since I play off-line.



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