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Coral Reef for BV - Neighborhood decoration - Sims 2

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Posted 23 October 2007 - 07:05 AM


This is a neighborhood object.

So it means you must place it from the neighborhood inside the water.

This reef can also be placed on the land btw.

There is a very slight problem with placing them in the beach areas.

Once you placed them there they aren't visible from within the neighborhood view on beaches.

However you can move over the water with the hand tool and look when the hand cursor changes, this way you van grab them and delete them again.

I will still keep on looking into a way to make coral reefs that is fully visible from within the neighborhood.

Don't worry it isn't hard to grab them and delete them, only a bit searching in the dark.

Where to find it:

You find them in the neighborhood objects under Misc.

The mini screen looks a bit like it's a garbage pile but they do look good on bigger size. biggrin.gif

You will need Bon Voyage for it to show up.

Placement TIP:

When you want to place them, i suggest to place it first on the land and rotate it from there.

That will make it more simpler to determine how they will appear in the water.

These will also fit over each other!

So you can make very large refs with them.

Once placed you can enjoy their view when you visit the lot.

Have fun and happy Coral diving. biggrin.gif

Polygon Counts:

Faces: 1098 - Vertices: 909

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