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Smithy's thombstone of l/d with extra options!

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Posted 29 September 2007 - 04:17 PM

Llama ninja is proud to present "smithy's thombstone of life and death for Bon Voyage"

With extra options!

This thombstone has some useful extra options coded by myself!

I spend a lot of time testing this hacked object and i didn't ran into bugs!

However if you do find one in your game you can always ask me to fix it.

You will need the Bon Voyage expansion for this object!

Please read this entire text, it will give you a clear view of what every option can do!

The menu options:

The options "new teen female, new child boy, new child girl, new adult male, new adult female, new toddler girl and new toddler boy, new teen male, new elder man, new elder woman" add a new sim to your family, corresponding to the type you select.

So when you press "New teen girl" one random new teen girl will added to your family.

The game will not select a townie or existing sim but makes a new one.

Age transition: will age your sim one level up!

Age transition Cinematic: does the same but will play the cinematic event for that age change, maybe useful for movie makers.

Add neighbor to your family: Here you get a list of the names of the sims in your neighborhood and you can select one to add to your family.

Also the NPC's will show up on that list, yes even mrs crumplebottom!

But do not add crumplebottom or the grim reaper into your household, or the game crashes and it can even corrupt the objects data file!

Get family member: This will only show up when there is a sim passing by on the lot, but you can also add that sim by this option.

If there are more sims on the lot then you will get more names.

New baby: a new baby wil be spawn!

Cinecam baby: the same but with cinematic event movie.

Get pregnant with...: with this option you can also mix 2 sims their dna and have a baby.

Make me alien pregnant: I think this speaks for itself, your sim gets a alien baby!

Rename sim: this can only be done with selectable sims so not with the baby, but you can change the name of your sim.

Show parents and siblings relationships: This option doesn't work and does nothing!

Make me family child: this option makes the sim who is selected part of the family.

Make me friendly to everyone here: This option is very useful to be friends instantly with the other sims. (90 for short and long term friendship)

The age baby options aren't what you think they are, it will not age the baby itself but instead make a clone and make it already adult.

To age the baby itself there will come up a new option "Age baby..." when you press that you can age the baby by selecting his/her name.

In this case it's baby boy because you cannot select a name when the baby gets spawned.

If you click that then the baby will become a toddler.

Also when you have a baby there will come up a option "Name baby..." here you can rename the baby.

Baldness on and baldness off: Your sim becomes bald or back normall with those options.

Setup lot export: this option doesn't do anything!

The Extras:

I added a few extras because i thought they would be useful also on this hack.

Kill selected sim:

Here you can choose the options that a sim can die, it also makes the grim reaper appears!

Do not add him to your family, it crashes the game!

Finally and a very valuable option is the "Add extra wants slots"!

I included this option so you can have more wants slots without going to university!

However do know you won't have a diploma with it, therefor you still need to go to the uni.

The maximum your sim can have is 7 wants slots!

The thombstone costs ?250 and you will find it in Misc/Misc! (see screen below)

This is not a global hack and won't do anything to maxis objects, but however be careful who and what you add to your family!

Because if it's a neighbor sim then that sim will suddenly live in your lot and not with their family anymore!

All questions and comments welcome!

Enjoy the "smithy's thombstone of life and death for Bon Voyage"!

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