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Posted 28 July 2008 - 05:56 PM


April 23, 2009 - Added Free Time Version and the tube is now animated.

Don't you just hate how EA left the toddlers out of so many activities? With this Swim Tube they can now enjoy the pool! Finally!

It has taken me quite sometime to get working, but it's pretty close to what Dragon_Slave and I wanted. My friend Dragon_Slave, requested this swim tube and came up with the idea to clone the highchair, we both had our doubts as to whether it would work or not. I tried a couple of other options but I did find the highchair worked the best.

Thanks Dragon_Slave for this great idea and all her help! (She may have given up on me ever uploding it, as it's been a few weeks ago that I thought I was close to being finished.) I really tried hard to get it perfect.

The toddler animations are my manual edit to the puddle splash for the arm movements, facial expressions, and effects, with some tweeking. The leg movements are from the idle in highchair animations. Thanks to Wes for his great plugins.

I tired to create my own animations, but the toddler legs just do not work good at all using MilkShape. Personally I think the toddler leg amimations are the hardest to get, they look great in MilkShape, but do 360

What's New in Version - Sims 2


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::kissing:: >:D< :flowers1: :heart: ::kissing:: >:D< :flowers1: :heart: :PetuniaSmiley001: :PetuniaSmiley001: :PetuniaSmiley001:

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:PetuniaSmiley001: :PetuniaSmiley001: :PetuniaSmiley001: ::kissing:: ::kissing:: >:D< :flowers1: :heart:

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hi um do you have 2 exit the game and go back to see if its there??? :spacecraft: :spacecraft:

yes i have all the sims. by the chickens in doesn't work to. do i need to downoald firts someting?

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