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3 Courses Dinner menu *new animated foods*

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Posted 23 October 2007 - 07:16 AM


Smithy's kitchen presents to you a new menu for your sims.

3 new animated foods for your sims to add to their menu.

My 5 cooks did all they could to prepare this delicious meal, and the outcome was simply yummy!

All 3 are fully animated and re-meshed, also the ingredients to prepare them are re-meshed and animated.

These 3 foods will work for all game versions!

The Tuscan bean soup is cloned from the mac&cheese.

The Seafood Hollandaise is cloned from the pork chops.

And the Raspberry soufle is cloned from the cake.

They are all diner foods, so you find them only around diner time in your fridge.

The soup will show up for every sim but the seafood and the desert only for sims with 6 cooking points.

They have their own GUIDS, so they won't replace any Maxis foods!

Poly count:

Soup the same as the mac&cheese from Maxis!

The other 2 are lower then the original, so i guess they will work fine on any computer.

Enjoy your meals! smile.gif


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Thank you I AM VERY HUNGRY NOW... My sims are all going to be fat because of your food creations. Youre five cooks did a great job by creating this. Heres a small tip for the kitchen: 1000 Simoleans! :flower:

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