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T-Bone steak with green beans

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Posted 26 October 2007 - 02:17 PM

T-Bone steak with green beans - Animated food

Personally i love a juicy T-Bone steak.

So why wouldn't your sims like one?

Comes with green beans wrapped with a slice of bacon and baked potatoes.

I also made a customized plate and serving plate.

This diner is fully animated and cloned from the Pork chops.

So you need at least 5 cooking points before the option appears in your fridge.

Put all the 3 files in your downloads folder, it should work with all game versions and is OFB ready.

Tested with all expansions.

The "make" and "make many" options from OFB will work if you have OFB and also the "put leftovers" from seasons when you have that expansion!

Side note:

Yes the pictures say "By Octavius", but that is also me!

I was temporarily as Octavius at mts2 because of troubles, my smithycpl account there was at this time locked by my request, now my smithycpl account is again activated and i no longer create under the name Octavius.


Custom plate and Custom serving plate: Facecount 184 - Verticecount 248

Ingredients: Facecount 1314 - Verticecount 1073

Serving dish: Facecount 1456 - Verticecount 936

Food with plate: Facecount 912 - Verticecount 678

Enjoy your meal! smile.gif

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