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Aubree Gear Set - Regular Maxis Bedding Textures

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Posted 19 November 2008 - 07:35 PM This is a set I worked on with Hope Bayler a few months back named for my granddaughter. I have updated the whole set, lowered poly counts some minor changes to the meshes and per request from wheelieSim the textures are pulled from the Maxis bedding. To recolor these items you must recolor the regular bedding.

Using the repository technique on items reduces the memory resources and is better for you game. If you've seen videos of Sims 3, EA is now going to implement the same idea.

All except the diaper bag is found under General/Child. Diaper bag is found under plumbing/toilet.

Most of the meshing was done by Hope. Animations and coding was done by myself.

YouTube video is found here:

Poly Counts

All are reasonable

Games Needed

Base game

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Everytime my toddler gets put in the Playpen she falls asleep then when the parent puts her in it they keep going to go get her out the toddler wakes up and falls asleep agian and the parent just stands there trying to get her out, i thought that it was because of where i placed it so i moved the family out and back in, then the same thing happened again and i cant get the toddler out


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Fantastic! i always need cute realistic stuff for my toddlers, they're my fav to play :) thank you thank you thank you!! :)

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