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Park Bench Sleepable - Homeless project

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 12:45 PM


This is the first item I've created for a homeless project requested by Silky-M.


Sims are able to sleep on it on community lots.


The community lot I have in the photo is a Community Skate Park by comedy711 and is found here http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=255955.


Textures are pulled from the maxis park bench and any recolor you have for that bench will work for this bench. To recolor you need to recolor the original maxis version.


It's found under Seating/Miscellaneous for $500.


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This item does not work very well in TS2 M&G with other custom content installed. This object causes the game to crash when attempting to load on the main title screen (where the loading bar and funny loading messages come up). There might be an unrecoverable conflict between this mod object and another custom content item, but I can't effectively test that by myself. Using the process of elimination, I did discover that this is the only item I downloaded from here that crashes the game upon loading, though. Keep this issue in mind if you try to use this mod in TS2 alongside other custom content.

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I ran the HCDU  and I didn't get a conflict . I loaded my game and I too experienced my game crashing loading screen. I didn't get an error message, however upon checking the game log it seems to have take up most of my system memory which cause the crash.

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