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Rideable Animated Donkey - Custom Sound

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Posted 15 December 2007 - 12:08 PM


I have also added new animations and sound. A new option to have the donkey hee haw and kick. A new riding animation has been added also.


This is found under Knowledge/Exercise - I set the price at $1200.


Sims gain body skill, fitness and fun when riding the donkey.


It works about the same as my other rideable items.


I created the donkey animation, plus the sims animations for riding. Sometimes the sims will sit on the donkey backwards or sidesaddle, I've tried to direct them so that they no longer do this but I can't promise they won't sit on it backwards from time to time, usually the first time they ride it.


I owe some of the idea of making a rideable animal to Dragon_Slave. Thanks Dragon_Slave!



If a sims is riding it when you exit the game it will disappear, because it is controlled by an NPC.

Please let me know your opinions of this item. I really love to hear from those that enjoy my items. If you really like it and want to stay upto date on new version please add it to your favorites.

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