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Updated Animated Infant/Toddler Swing - With option to serve new foods

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Updated June 22, 2014



I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled


It's been awhile since I've posted anything because this one took me quite awhile to learn the animations and then to apply what I've learned. My Infant/Toddler Swing is currently my top download, so I'm hoping those that have enjoyed it will enjoy this version even more.

I believe this should be compatible with the base game or any EP combination. If anyone finds that it's not please report it in this thread.

The swing in found under General/Child for $175. Toddlers/Infants gain fun and a very small amount of energy. Approx. the same amount per hour that the game decrease the energy. So you won't really notice much improvement on the energy but it should not decrease while they swing.

I used the repository technique to pull textures from the maxis highchair. 

I've been working with Simotized to create an option for new foods for toddlers to eat. I have managed to finally get this working with the swing. Simotized has created Cheerios that I believe she will post sometime soon at MTS2. I've created Corn Soup with a Care Bears Bowl. To use these new foods you have to click on the Refrigiator to find them. Please see photo. You do not need the new food for the swing, but you do need the swing to use the new foods.

When placed in the swing the swing will start to swing until the toddler/infant is removed. I've added an option to stop the swing just as a safe guard. To stop it just click on the swing and selects stop swing.


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Thank you, Sunshine. I am organizing my download folder by creator and I am finding goodies you created I missed before.happyhappy.gif

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I have been looking for this and the swinging crib for weeks!!! Maybe make a swinging carrier like the real world has for newborns. :)

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