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Posted 21 December 2007 - 03:51 PM

The only way out is up! Please test this lot by moving in a family who can overcome the challenges posed by being


Despite all the advantages you enjoyed while you were growing up, the unthinkable has happened. You are unemployed, and without savings, and your family can't take you in--or won't. Your friends have forgotten you, or you are too embarrassed to call them. Or perhaps you're too proud. The homeless shelters won't take your beloved pet. You would be okay, sleeping under a freeway overpass, but you have a family. The first priority is to get some kind of roof over their heads, and then you can worry about how to feed and clothe them.

You hitched a ride toward a bigger city, but you had to get off the truck before a weigh station, and you find yourself walking through an abandoned industrial park. Barbed wire and warning signs surround most of the lots, which are cheerless and offer no shelter anyway. But there you see an abandoned shack, possibly dating from the time before the factories were built around it. There is an abandoned car, a rusty swingset with no swing, other clutter and debris. Inside you find an old stove, and you think you might be able to get it going. And there is a park bench. It isn't much of a bed, but you're too tired to look for anything better. You sleep.

When morning comes you discover that there power hookups still in place, and all you have to do is throw a switch. Tonight you'll have light. You work on getting the stove working. If you have to stay here through winter, if you CAN stay here through winter, you will be able to keep the family warm.

A ditch or a creek runs through the back part of the property. You see fish swimming. Are they safe to eat? You wonder. And oh! there are some potatoes here, growing wild. How did that happen? you don't know. You didn't know potatoes grew this way, with such a lush and lovely plant up top, but you are sure the potatoes will be good. Your mouth is already watering. You build a fire, careful to keep the little ones away, and you roast some potatoes. It is your first solid food in days, and you feel warmed and strengthened.

You pound at a lock till it breaks, and discover a cheap and unheated privy, and against a wall, a water source that might have been intended as a shower since it is placed so high. It's not Waterpick but it'll be so much better than washing up at the bucket and spigot.

It's hard to get enough rest on that bench. How can you maintain yourself well enough, stay away from the bad habits that helped get you into this situation? But here is a place to make a start. You get the idea that maybe you can use it as an address to get food stamps, maybe even a job, and earn enough, save enough to get back to the better life you once knew. One look in the eyes of your loved ones tells you that you have to get it together. You have to make a new start.

And here is a place to do it.

Checked with Sims2Pack Clean Installer

Custom Content Included Contains Global Hacks :

Poor Folk Furniture: Carpeting 1, from TSR Creator: galilea http://www.thesimsre...a%20Carpeting1/



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