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Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:45 PM




The Old Home Place

or as the Owner sometimes refers to it:

Constantly Needs Repair

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 4x3

Lot Value: 110,384

7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, parlor, greenhouse and pond

EP Requirements: Seasons

SP Requirements: I have them all

Some of the screenshots depict part of the story behind the home.

There is a shot of the exterior back. No one left their trash can in the front yard. Many folks had a fig tree out back.

There is a view of the dining room used for Special guests and Sunday dinner.

There is the parlor it could be used for formal or informal gatherings. On this occasion it was used for ?courting?.

The older children and teenagers have a game room and bedrooms that have just recently had drywall installed against the draftiness of what used to be servant quarters.

Note that they have been placed as far from their parents' room as possible.

There is the kitchen which, like the rest of the house, is a work in progress. The old kitchen fireplace has been walled up and ?newer? kitchen appliances have been added.

The garden has had the most up-to-date technology installed due to the importance of self-sufficiency. It is ready for harvesting.

The winter weather brought an unexpected visitor.

I believe he is grumbling because the pond is frozen over and no one left a fish out for him.

The first floor has the master bedroom and the parents keep the infant with them.

The second floor is for guests and grandparents and adult children.

The third floor is for the older children and teenagers with their play area.

The preacher got snowed in one night (maybe he was glad and thanking God for the extra time to court the widow).

Custom Content (Included):

AngelamvEliza and Chrissy1:

Kitchen Sink http://www.blackpear...ght=kitchen+set

Aloha Kay:

Dinosaur Dirty (wall) http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=1863

Catalog Placement: paint

Paint to go with your Dinosaurs! Wallpaper.


1910 Wall Phone (object based on an Enhanced Template by Numenor) http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=209256

Clothesline http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=290876

Laundry Basket http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=290876

Laundry Detergent http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=233165

Washing Machine http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=233165

Cathy at Aussie Topenders-Sims2.com:

Weathered Clay Roof http://www.aussietopenders-sims2.com/


horsewaggon "Pioneer-HP2" without canvas(hexameter) http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=115008


Cobbles5 - Terrain paint http://www.blackpear...ghlight=cobbled

Khakidoo @ MTS2 (other cool stuff: http://www.modthesim...r.php?u=325636):

Country Clock ll http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=223216

lirunchik@Black Pearl Sims:

Fogerton ? Knitting http://blackpearlsim...ead.php?t=25527


"Independent Expression Set" - Single Doorby MaryLou http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=246861

MaryLou & Numenor:

The astonishing "Shop-At-Home" Coat Hook http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=225251


Wooden Stairs "Recolorable" http://www.modthesim...oad.php?t=53161


Oval Mirror by OM http://jaue.com/avalon

rebecah: Holy Bible http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=1532


Driveway ? Invisible http://modthesims.in...oad.php?t=90875


Ceiling Fire Alarm jim TNW http://www.simsafe2....?showtopic=4533




4ESF Outdoor2 Hydrangea Shrug www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf

Targa: Designer LadderStairs - spacesaver! (2 tiles)


Custom Content (Not Included):

4ESF Cottage2 Chandelier: (www.4eversimfantasy.eu.tf) www.4eversimfantasy.net


The Garden Swing of Bliss and Harmony: (This swing was part of an incentive promo for the Seasons EP.) "The trellis and swing both show up in-game for me (mentioned because some peoples copys are screwed up and don't work..." quote: http://www.nectere.n...php?topic=972.0

Maxis - www.thesims2.com

PBBedroomFireplacetools: Kansascityrose Potterybarn http://www.thesimsre...room/id/602298/

Coca-Cola with 2 glasses: By Alb@n BekDecorations002 (unable to locate CC link or TOS link)


Suza Clutter Men Pile of Shirts: mesh by Suza Simply Styling


Additional Credits:

Hugs go to Ressu for her kind help, MaAlet who is forever encouraging, Aloha Kay for help finding stuff, my son for help with editing and Thanks to God for all that He taught me during my labor on this project!


12dc392f562212f5998582a60346d0d4-greenho 1b063dd65c588b1ba8a3d0f9fb845161-snowbou 3782d48628c855aac7c9cf752eaa2989-diningr 518f511179be047865710544c97d3433-interio 5ff95d1d694c51e568bbdbe85b732d2c-kidsqua 625334047369683dbd0b9667d64f6432-exterio a90ebfd19296616195ab01ff23fbc3ed-latenig b03ee99804db940908d59fc7df810864-exterio e37c03653487df5f6c17faa9db27b3b1-kitchen

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