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Posted 20 May 2008 - 11:16 PM

Cream-Peach Set for Fourpence

My very good friend Chris (or Fourpence as she's mostly known) requested this set and Petunia asked me to upload it. So here it is . .. hope you like it. :lol:/>/>


This set contains the following items:

Recolours of Maxi's objects:


* Talking Table - Base game

* The Cozinator 450 (Chair) Seasons

* Chez Moi French Country Counter Base game

* SmokeSentry SmokeSniffer 3000 Base game

* Elite Chef Home Range Stove - Free Time

* Cryonic Fresh Refrigerator Free Time

* Gravitrash by Jackson Compaction Free Time

* The Dish De-atomizer Free Time

Living room:

* Once upon a Glowy Glow Glowlamp Open for Business

* Armchair by club design Base Game

* Sofa club Base game

* Craftmeister Booknook Base game

* SimSafety V Burglar Alarm Base game

* Lady on Red Painting (Well) Base game

* Handle and Spout Painting (Basket) Base game


* The legendary Bedscalibur Sleep System Open for Business

* "Hold Me Closer" by Tiny Dresser Co. Open for Business

* "Bigger is Better" Wall Mirror by ExPand Nightlife

* Home Style End Table Seasons

* Rug de Exuberance Glamour Life Stuff

Two recolours of Maxi's Tie-back curtains

Other recolours:

echo's 3x4 rug and you need the mesh, you can find it


credits for the mesh goes to echo

You can get Rebecah's round end table here

Three recolours of Rebecah's Placemat Tablecloth. You can get the mesh


1. flowers

2. plaid

3. peach colour

For the round rug to show up you need Rebecah's Bedding Match Bedroom Items, here

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