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A typical teen girls room

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Apr 5 2008, 06:11 PM

This is the very first time I've ever tried to recolour a whole set, and I do not really know if it is a success

Please, comments and advice will be so welcome.

Everything is Maxi's except the butterfly rug. It's a recolour of Echo's 3x4 rug and you need the mesh, you can find it

You need Rebecah's Bedding Match Bedroom Items, All item pull textures from the maxis bedding for the round end table here

In this set you'll find:

1. The floors and walls shown in the pictures

2. Furniture: Recolours of:
a. The Baby Touch Bed (Free Time needed)
b. Stark Inspiration Chair (Base game)
c. Fluffy Rocker chair (Teen Style Stuff pack)
d. Stationary Congierge by Splendid Scenes (Bon Voyage)
e. Easel (Base Game)
f. Vroom Armoire (Seasons)
g. Aqua Bathtub Shower (Base game)

3. Curtains:
a. Antique Lace Curtains (Base game)
b. Window Dressing (Seasons)
c. Floor Length Tieback Curtains (Base game)

4. Rugs and carpets:
a. Bathroom Mate Footrug (Free Time)
b. Pounding Waves Rug (Family Fun Stuff)
c. Bulls Eye Throw Rug (Teen Style Stuff)
d. Butterfly rug (Base game)

5. Counters: Krampf Industry Value Counter (Base game)

6. Door and Bulletin Board:
a. Myne door (University)
b. Stick"em up" Bulletin Board (University)

7. The painting "Sunset" (Night Life)

Ressu for her excellent rug tutorial
rug tutorial
Rebecah for her very useful round end table and her "All item pull textures from the maxis bedding" upload
Pet for her support and advice
Echo for the mesh of the 3x4 rug
My daughter, Am, for the sunset photo.
MS Paint


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