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This is another home inspired by real life (but the story isn't). :birthday:

Jane was wildly successful as a business woman, and she enjoyed the traveling necessary to her work. But after a few years she began to feel as though God wanted her on another path. She just wasn't sure what it was. One day, she driving again across country to make a meeting with a company she knew was unethical. Worrying her lip, she prayed for guidance, but didn't immediately feel an answer and kept driving. A few miles later she was detoured through a small town's main street. Jane had to swallow down her homesickness. It was so much like the town her grandparents had lived, before they moved to a condominium in the city. It looked so friendly. She sighed and drove on, not daring to stop, lest she couldn't bring herself to leave.

But, less than a mile from the little town, she glanced to her left, and saw the most adorable house. It was a cheerful yellow, with white trip, and looked so inviting, Jane couldn't help but stop, just for another look. On that second look, she saw the for sale sign. She paused a moment. Felt the wind lift her hair. Well, if this wasn't a hint, she didn't know what was.

Jane found her happy ending, maybe your sims will to!

The Yellow Farmhouse has an orchard in back, with a good-sized greenhouse, ready to be filled. The backyard is already ready for entertaining with close friends, with an old-fashioned barbecue. In front, as you see, there is also seating, to enjoy a warm summer night, and a good place to wave to neighbors walking their dogs (or just themselves). Inside, you enter into a cosy living room, and there is a generous kitchen, with separate formal dining room, as well as a half-bath. Upstairs, you will find two bedrooms with a shared full bath and room for homework, and a comfortable seating area.

I hope you enjoy this house!

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 2x4

Lot Value: 79.070

EP Requirements: Seasons

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