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Renovated Shotgun House

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Well, as you may have guessed from my previous uploads, I'm something of frustrated architect. I love studying houses and home plans, and just keeping an eye out for interesting--or even 'typical'--local buildings. Recently, I checked out a book called American Houses: A Field Guide to the Architecture of Home by Gerald Foster. It covers the "domestic" architectural condition through US history, and is fascinating, and I highly recommend it :) However, while reading this book, I noticed many designs that could be translated in the Sims, at least to a certain extent. One in particular: the shotgun house of (primarily) the South. The most identifiable feature of this style is that the doors from one end to another line up--one theory as to how it got its name is that one could shoot a shotgun from one end to the other.

One of my banes in the game has been the smallest lot, the 3x1. I don't know how many of you remember that, but I've always had trouble building usable homes on that lot, and when I saw the shotgun house, immediately thought of that lot. It worked! And I bring you the result. This home is probably best designed for a young single Sim or couple, an older retired couple, or even a vacation lot (even with kids, if your Sims bring along a tent! :)) But it has plenty of activities, including all skill building objects--for body though, your Sims will have to acquaint themselves with the jump rope until they buy real workout equipment...for which there is plenty of room. Though both the lot and house are compact, the space is efficiently used, and there is plenty of open space, perhaps for a garden, and there is a large pond that should be good for fishing. If your Sims wish to live outside of the "rat race" this is the place! Because Sims like their plumbing, this rather traditional shotgun house is built with a bathroom...which does break the line of the doors. I hope you can forgive me :) and that you enjoy this lot!

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 3x1

Lot Value: 18,869

EP Requirements: Apartment Life

SP Requirements: none!

Custom Content (Included) none

Additional Credits: American Houses: A Field Guide to the Architecture of the Home by Gerald Foster

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