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Small Contemporary Church

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Wasn't it great that Pet got to come by? :) I'm glad she felt well enough to say hi. Afterwords, she and I chatted for a little bit on messenger, and she said how happy she was to hear from everyone. She also asked me if I was still building houses and churches. Well, I'd build houses, but no churches.

Since I finally reinstalled the Base Game Starter, and included all kinds of different games, I thought I'd start from scratch and try to build a church that way. So I built one today to share with you all :).

Turns out, I really don't know how to build a church that's not based on a real church; and without custom content, or expansion packs, it's very hard to get any church-like features. But I did my best. Here, there is a fairly good sized hall with bathrooms on one end and the pastor's office on the other. Just before the office there is a nice comfortable sitting area. It has a small counter area, which would be a great place to keep the coffee! The hall semi-wraps around the sanctuary, with simple interior seating. One note: the table I used is, I think, from the Holiday Stuff Pack, , which I don't have, but my base game is the holiday edition. You shouldn't have any trouble using it in your game, though. If you do, please let me know! Before I forget, behind the back wall, the church has a small (flower) garden, and a playground area. It also has a grill and seating for special gatherings. I hope you all like this church!

Again, no CC, so that's why it's identified through the roof and and brickwork. :)

Lot Type: Commercial

Lot Size: 3x4

EP Requirements: None

SP Requirements: None, but if you really want the table, Holiday Stuff Pack

Additional Credits: Pet! for bringing it up :) :)

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