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The Leafy Collection (I went nuts in SimPe)

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OK, I went a bit nuts and started putting leaves on everything! What you have in this set is:

  • wall
  • 3 floors - 1 design but 1x1, 2x2, and 5x5
  • door
  • counter (cupboard)
  • sink
  • curtains
  • drapes
  • towels on rack
  • painting (Lady on Red recolored)
  • shower with shower curtain
  • toilet

I think all the items are base game, no EPs needed. If I am mistaken, holler and I will edit.

The Reflection Floor is NOT included here - credit to Murano Mobilia for the Reflection Floors in the pictures.

The bathtub in the pictures is the Super Bathtub and is NOT included because it's a modified object, but it can be found here: Super Bathtub


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Guest Awesome, very cool.


This is so cool, never would have thought of this, I like it.

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