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I have an Adult sized Unicorn for Adults, Elders, and Teens with 2 ride gaits, it also will graze, eat and play a light whinney sound.

The pony sized unicorn is for children it has only one ride option with the graze, eat and a pet option.

The unicorn has to be placed heading north, for the Sims to ride it correctly. That is north from where the lots sits within the neighborhood.

Body skill and fitness is gained when sims ride either of these unicorns.

Both items are found under Knowledge/Exercise Equipment.

Credits to:

Thanks to Rougue for the texture, and Shaklin for her original rideable item.


Video for pony is posted here:

Video for Unicorn is posted here:

What's New in Version - Sims 2


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I cant dowload it !?Why !?

You might need to use a different web browser? I checked and the file is working.

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Just click the download button, then select the file you want to download. If you are using IE for a web browser, get google chrome.

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Fantastic - I think EA need to employ on a contractual basis all these talented people - thanks

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