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18 Walls and Floors! 4 different sets

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Posted 11 March 2008 - 09:14 AM


I have been creative again, lol. 18 walls and floors! 4 Different packages! EACH Wall or Floor is only $5! Enjoy!

The Rental House Walls and Floors package:

1. Cheap Linoleum (This is in my real-life rented house, in the living room, both bedrooms and bathroom)

2. Kitchen Linoleum (This is in my real-life kitchen - it's in picture #2)

3. Living Room Paint with Border (In my...well, you know :unsure:)

4. Oklahoma Wheat Paint (my real kitchen)

5. Peanut Butter Paint (my bedroom and bathroom, the jungle look)

The Food On Walls package:

1. Food 1 tile

2. Food 2 tile

3. Food 1 tile with border

4. Food 2 tile with border

The Carpeting package:

1. Purple Crochet Patchwork

2. Blue Jute

3. Royal Blue Jute

4. Navy Jute

5. Peach Jute

6. Mint Jute

The White with blue Walls and floors package:

1. Border on tile wall

2. Floor 1

3. Floor 2

Link to Mesh:

(not applicable)

Additional Credits

God :lol:

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