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Posted 31 October 2007-10:30PM

This is a lot I build a long time ago, and it gave me many hours (mmmm no weeks, months ... :)/> ) of fun. I still play it sometimes. :unsure:/>

It's an orphanage, or rather a friendly, warm, secure home for orphans. The first time I played it, I created a neat, very nice adult female (family aspiration), and then let her adopt 7 kids. Of course I have to motherlode a few times, until I found Smithy's treasure chest and later Kevin's do-everything-picture! . The kids grew up, married and have their own lives. As soon as a kid left the home for Uni or found his/her own place a new kid is adopted. When the house-mother/matron/guardian became an elder I retired her, let her get a place of her own and one of the grown-up kids took her place. Thus I have a whole neighbourhood of Sims coming from this orphanage. :lol:/> I even build an old age home for the elder home-parents.

Custom content included

I have recoloured Maxis Myne Doors and Justa Doors.

Floors and walls recoloured/created by me (HomeCrafter Plus)

The house is totally unfurnished. You can furnish and decorate it the way you want it :)/> :lol:/>

You probably need all the EPs up to Seasons.

This is a residential lot

Lot Value : $58,470

Lot Size: 30 x 40

Thank you very much, Pet, for all your help and patience! :D/>







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Marie, I don't think that this lot will harm your game. But it contains doors from University EP which will probably flash blue in your game. You can replace them with any door you have.

The only other custom content is floors and wallpaper recolors.


I hope I am right in this . Please let me know if it works in your game. :)

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