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Small Traditional Home

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Based on--or rather, inspired by--a two different homes I saw driving home recently. I must confess that it isn't spectacular, and though I loved it, I didn't really intend to upload it. That is, until I'd finished and realized it cost exactly 20000 simoleans. :unsure: :wave:

Then I realized that I had an extra floor tile in the middle of nowhere, and naturally had to remove it :lol:. So I kept playing with it until it was back to 20000. Then I thought: I have all the EPs and most SPs--most people won't be able to use it. I decided to install it into Numenor's Any Game Starter, and that worked. But then I had to change a few walls and floors, and add some flowers to make up the difference And I got it back to 20000 exactly! :birthday: At any rate, I hope you enjoy playing it!

Oh! A last few notes:

It's a 2 bed/2 bath.

I have included two walls that I created, both basic white siding.

You see the scallops on the bottom of the second floor wall? It's simple and subtle, but an elegant touch, I thought (It's modeled directly after a pattern I saw on a house during my drive).

Also, as you can see, it's very sparsely furnished. This was one reason why I wouldn't have uploaded, but because this lot required Apartment life, a couple with one child will have 27000 right from CAS, so it should still be usable as a starter.

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 2x2

Lot Value: 20000

EP Requirements: Seasons, Apartment Life

SP Requirements: Mansion and Garden

Custom Content (Included) 2 Custom walls by me! :wave: (I may upload them separately, with a few others, later. Turns out, I like creating walls!)

Additional Credits: The lovely architecture of small homes in rural areas :girl:

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