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Lilac Lane Lodging

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I hope you like it Ress!

This is a little bit different--something I have wanted to try for a while. This is a lovely little lodging house! I was hoping to create this as an actual apartment building, but the game doesn't seem to allow for a communal kitchen, so it's designated as residential. However, it would also be perfect for storytelling or large families! Or even as a vacation home for people who like to travel with their friends.

If you have a social sims, or sims in-between traditional living arrangements, or young sims who aren't quite ready for full adult responsibility, Lilac Lane Lodging may be the answer!

As traditional a boarding house that I know how to make in the Sims, Lilac Lane Lodging has, technically, five "units", with four upstairs with their own individual bathrooms. Just as if this were a converted home, the "master bedroom" is the largest, and downstairs, with a closet and its own full bath. In a real boarding house, the owner or landlord would simply rent out rooms to their boarders. With the constraints of the game, you will have to pretend, I'm afraid :unsure:--although, if you gave each room (or just your sim's) a small fridge (with Uni) or a regular one, it might work?

The kitchen, dining, and living areas are as in a real boarding house, that is, communal, so sim "boarders" will share the kitchen and, ideally, eat together. There are lots of seating areas for everyone to get to know each other--great for popularity sims--and large lawn, with pool!

Hope you have a great birthday Ress!

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 2x4

Lot Value: 106,924

EP Requirements: Apartment Life

SP Requirements: none!

Custom Content (Included) Just my "White White Siding" from another upload.

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