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So Fan needed a school for her story, and I thought this turned out pretty well, I hope you all enjoy it! It's classified as residential.

It has one "traditional" classroom, and because my game at the time was "vanilla" (no cc) and only included Nightlife, the desks are only coffee tables. However, that should be easily fixed :) Then there is an art classroom with tables for projects and plenty of easels. The library/computer room is closest to the front door, and could also be converted to a classroom. (Sorry, Fan, the above restrictions kept me from including a bulletin board but I believe there is one in university)

This school also has a Principal's Office with waiting room, bathrooms (of course), cafeteria, and auditorium. The back area has two tables for the "cool kids" ExcitedSmiley.gif, and space for swings, etc, if you want to make it an elementary school. As is, it's probably best for a high school (we can pretend middle schools don't exist PetuniaSmiley001.gif). I hope you all like it!

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 4x5

Lot Value: 88,148

EP Requirements: Nightlife

SP Requirements: none

Note: Again, the photos may not entirely reflect the most recent changes, though they'd only be minor. Likely landscaping differences.

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