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Bricks and Siding

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Lots of walls this time! :)

Since the Sims 2 came out, I've wanted to make my house...or at least have always liked the look on the front--which is half brick and half white siding. But while the Sims had both the siding and the bricks, they didn't have both. So I made them!

These are based on maxis walls: the London red chimney bricks with belting, combined with various maxis sidings. The brick part was modified to fit the siding, particularly on the strictly "horizontal" sidings, so they may not mutually match right next to each other, though they will all work with the original brick walls.

They are seamless to both the original bricks and the sidings! They are classified under bricks though, just because. :)

There is some (very slight) warping with the clapboard walls under the eaves of the roof, but that seems to be a problem with the roof itself, when used over two stories, it doesn't happen:

The blue paneling has that line, even in the maxis original.

Additional Credits Maxis

Note: These are split into two files: the "horizontal" siding (1) and the "others" (2). :birthday:

Also, these are sims2pack files and have to be installed. and one file is simply called "bricks and siding" this is the white scallop. The rest have the name of the siding as part of the name of the file.

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