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Custom Southern Style, requested by CricketDi

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Posted 20 February 2008 - 08:56 PM

Finally, CricketDi, I have your house! I know it is not exactly what you ordered, but I will make you a totally furnished one when my game is working correctly...soon, I hope. This is the reason a couch is on the front sidewalk, lol, when I click it to move it my game locks up.

This is the Custom Southern Style.


A wraparound porch, sunken living room and a playroom that used to be a garage, this house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms surrounding an open area on the second floor that looks down into both the first floor and the living room. The first floor is roomy and open, and lots of room to live in.

The family who chooses this home will have to enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of windows, porches and balconies.

The driveway is a fake driveway. But if you remove the cement flooring and replace it with a driveway, it will fit.

This lovely Sim will now take you on a tour. She is very happily settled in her own home so you can't have her with this house. :)


I have left a message in the back yard where the greenhouse can go. :)


Next to the greenhouse is a little workshed, perfect for storing lawn mowers and rakes.


If you have seasons, you can pull up the 3 pine trees on the side yard and replace them with fruit trees.




The playroom that used to be a garage is also sunken and 2 of the walls feature built in shelves, perfect for plants and storage.


A full bathroom and laundry room are on the first floor and have easy access to outdoors.



The breakfast nook.



The study.




The fully useable attic on the third floor.


Lot Type: residential

Lot Size: 4 x 5

Lot Value: $85,224.00

EP Requirements: OFB

SP Requirements:

Custom Content (Included)

Custom Content (Not Included)

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