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Flyable N Rideable Dragon - Sims 2

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About This File

I had the wings backwards and I've redone the texture.

This is under exercise equipment for $3000.

Thanks to KinTheAilen for find the sound file, and encouraging me to create this. I've had several other requests for this item thanks to all for your kind words and moral support.

Poly Counts

Face Count - 2206

Games Needed

Base Game or

Free Time

What's New in Version - Sims 2


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I have to say thank you to all the people who created animals like the poneys and donkeys. and i thank you for making it! i cant wait to play sims. but im gonna cry if it dont show up :(

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Guest dundypeeps


after reading this, I hope I can find it in my game. Does it require a certian sim pack?

and thats just fricken awesome that dragon is. I ALWAYS wanted someone to make one and fly it.

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Now I'm in heaven - can you send me one as well - will safe me a lot on petrol costs, but I doubt I could supply a few cows etc. to keep it well fed - they could give me all the inmates in jail held for murder and rape - what you think? ::kissing::

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