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Welcome to my little Eastern Escape . . .

I needed a fitting home for my Eastern inspired sims (Shilloh and her husband). I had a particular spot I wanted the house to be in but there were no downloads that seemed fitting for it, so naturally I had to build one myself. Hey, why do the work if I don't have to? lol :) Just kidding.

First floor: 1 bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Doors lead to front, back and both sides of the house.

Second floor: 2 bedrooms, one for adults and one for children, one bathroom, and an entertainment or family area.

Third floor: party area for grilling or a hot tub. You decide!

The pool has waterfall, and island. Note the shape of the Island. :) Yes, your sims can swim through the waterfall.

This is my first lot upload, so just pretend you like it, even if you don't. (I'm just kidding. lol :) You don't really have to pretend.)I dispise building lots as I am not good at it, but I think this one turned out rather well. I hope you think so too. It is barely furnished, so you can decide how you want to set it up. Some of the Custom Content is not included, so I really suggest that you download what is not included, otherwise your sims will have no doors to get in the house and only a few windows. lol The house requires BonVoyage for sure. You may be able to get away with not having all the other required expansions if you use clean installer, but I'm not sure. :) The only cheat I used was "Moveobjects on", and I used no hacks, so it should show up in your game the same way it does in mine.


Lot Type: residential

Lot Size: 5x3 (Medium)

Lot Value: a little less than 115,000 simoleans

EP Requirements: All except Free Time

SP Requirements: None

Custom Content (Included)

All custom walls and floor by me All flowers by parsimonious

Grass by ClubCrimsyn

Rock by Jendea

Slide by FeeEssen

waterfall by Alex_Stanton

Custom Content (Not Included): PLEASE DOWNLOAD!!!

Chinese windows and doors by XMSims (you don't need any recolors)

Columns, instrument, pagoda roof, and fences by Sims2Heaven

Additional Credits: God for giving me an easier time with this lot. :)

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