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Updated Easy Computer original by Christianlov

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Posted 09 March 2008 - 12:13 PM


I have updated, my favorite computer by Christianlov's, to the current Free Time EP. I recently found the following quote by Christianlov, so I feel it is ok to post my updated version. I have been updating it for my own use but didn't realize I was free to share it.

Christianlov said:

I am sorry that I stopped making Sims 2 items. You are allowed to redistribute my items freely. If you have my items and

if there are people asking for my items, please feel free to redistribute. You can copy, modify, improve or redistribute

my items without permission. Thank you!!! smile.gif I stopped playing the game so I can't make sims 2 items any more. Be happy and good luck! Bye bye!^^

This computer has so many great options, I may miss explaining a few.

My favorite part is giving the Sims the option to learn all the skills at the rate you choose in the options.

They are also able to power chat to gain freinds faster. Be sure to set the options to your desired speed each time you purchase one of these computers.

I have set the turn off option to non-autonomous..I've always hated that sims constantly want to turn a computer off that is in use. They will however turn off the computer automatically when they are finished using it.

The Order photos is also non autonomous.

Play Games is non autonomous.

I added the option to purchase a Vacation Lot for free. The menu will tell you the cost of the lot but no money is subtracted from their total.

Christianluv had an option to purchase a business for free.

I've added the find a pet job.

I've included the blog and brouwse options, but I left the options to blog and browse the web autonomous, if anyone want's them

non autonomous please let me know.

The Easy Computer job finder allows you to pick the job you want from all the available job types.

I added the vacation options that came with BV and all the options that came with Free Time.

I believe this should work for any combination of installed EP's, If anyone finds it doesn't please let me know. I did test it

in Pet Stories and did not have any problems with it, I imagine if you choose an option not available in that EP it could cause

a problem.




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