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Buyable Water Wiggler with Added Features

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About This File

This was requested by my dear friend Wanda.

I liked this item when it was first released with OFB, but I didn't care for the way it worked and besides it didn't allow for use by toddlers. Wanda's Sims are no longer given the option to even build it, we have concluded that she has a custom created item that is causing a conflict, but she hasn't found the source of that problem.

When adding a new global mod, I highly recommend that you check for conflicts with the Sims 2 Hack Conflict Detection

Utility found at http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=2063.

New Features:

I have made it buyable under Misc/Child for $450.

If placed outside for use it will not create puddles nor the awful weeds that go with all the puddles.

It is use-able by toddlers. I used Wes_h's animations decompiler to attempt to edit the text of the child animations to convert them for toddlers, but I was not successful in getting them to stand on the ground at all times. I have some animation lower but not all I also added a laugh for toddlers to the animations.

Toddler wiggle into their underwear just before using it, as they don't have the option to use a bathing suit.

All Sims will change back to regular clothing after use.

Their body temps will get just slightly blue while using, but as soon as they end the use, and change to regular clothing, their temps will be at a normal level of green. Great for your overheated sims and overly cold Sims.

Sims will also gain hygiene when using, along with fun but fun was already a part of the original version.


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I love this object, thank you for making it accessible for toddlers. I really appreciate the gain in hygiene and fun, too.

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