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Rebuilt "Custom Southern Style" posted here for CricketDi. This is a totally furnished lot, ready for a family to move in.

Lot Type: residential

Lot Size: 4 x 4

Lot Value: $322,945

EP Requirements: NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, FT

SP Requirements: - 0 -

Custom Content (Included)

(coffee table & loveseat hammock) Sunny Paradise" by Maylin http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=231489

Edge Smoother by Ailias http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=168082

ATS Compo - Bedroom - Pictures frames 001 by http://www.aroundthesims2.com/

Epure Bathroom - Decorative Accessories 001 by Around the Sims2 http://www.aroundthesims2.com/ ATS Tropezienne - Bathroom - Column End Table 001 by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2 http://www.aroundthesims2.com/

ATS Souk Bathroom - Decorative Bottles 002 by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2 http://www.aroundthesims2.com/

The Non Rocking Rocking Chair by scarred811 http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=225309

Leonigardinespitze curtains by besen http://www.modthesim...m/creator/besen

Tuscan Kitchen Cabinet by phoenix_phaerie http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=164259 Compact Ironing Center by  Retro Patio Windchime Lantern by CTNutmegger http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=223894

ATS Modern Line - Living - Deco 001 by Around the Sims2 http://www.aroundthesims2.com/

Dreameasy endtable by Mummysim http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=223556

DreamEasy linen basket by Mummysim http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=223556

Little Floor Rug by Echo http://www.modthesim...ber.php?u=42165

3x4 Floor Rug by Echo http://www.modthesim...ber.php?u=42165

Toilet floor mat by Echo http://www.modthesim...ber.php?u=42165

Sky Blue Carpet to match "Blue Floral on White Background" Wallpaper by me :) Yellow Carpet by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif


Duckies in a Row and yellow paint by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif Pansies and Petunias Wall Border by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Food tiles with border by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Bamboo Trees with Crown, Kick, and Chair Rail Molding by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Mint green paint with a blue floral border at the top by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Blue Floral on White Background" Wallpaper by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Washer-Dryer "Simsung" by Katy_76 http://sims2graveyard.com/

Exterior Crawling Wall Ivy by Zelia Theb http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=206733


Additional Credits:

God 😄

All the creators who willingly allow us to share their work.

CricketDi for being so patient with me

SS2, Rob, Staff, and all the members here who make it so fun to be here every day. 😄

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