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First Community Church ? FURNISHED and unfurnished

By noreallife2 at 2007-10-02

ETA: EPs needed are NL, OFB, Pets and Seasons. (Thanks, krazyredd)

lot size: 5 x 4 community lot

price: $187,863/ $65,820

Cheats Used: boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false

moveObjects on


and for picture taking ? boolprop AllObjectLightsOn true

First Community Church is a simple, medium size church for your neighborhood. Whether you are a Baptist or a Pentecostal does not matter, it comes complete with a fake baptistery (the Maxis? jacuzzi on a platform) and a Holy Water receptacle. There are beautiful religious paintings scattered throughout the church, and the sanctuary is fully lit with ceiling light fans. Custom carpet in the foyer, nursery, Sunday School rooms and sanctuary will keep distractions to a minimum during services.

There are plenty of Sunday School rooms, which could be altered to meet your individual needs. A ladies room and a men?s room are easily accessible and located at the front. In addition, there is a private restroom on each side of the baptistery. A small office is located off one end of the sanctuary.

A full kitchen makes having church potlucks easy to host. Ample seating in the Fellowship Hall will make your guests feel comfortable and happy. And then you can work off all that fried chicken by swinging on the swings outside in the playground area. Your babies will be rocked and snuggled in the nursery and at the same time the caregivers can watch the service through the large windows.

I modeled First Community Church after the church I attend. If you are wondering why there is a lawn chair in the closet in the rear of the sanctuary, that is where I sit. Because of health problems I have to support my head and back and using the lawn chair with pillows works for me. I couldn?t resist adding it to this church. The sound room takes up the other part of the closet.

Many thanks to Worship4Ever0227 for building me the wheelchair ramp for the front entrance. He has also made a ramp that is half the width. (You can find both of them here: http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=509 Also, thank you to KevinsHope for the wonderful Celtic Scripture Bible. Please be sure to check out those animations. It is found in the foyer. The paintings by MaAlet, and Shan0w are very much appreciated. Thank you, all Creators, for unselfishly sharing the talents God has given you so we all can enjoy your work. Enjoy this church.

foyer, sanctuary, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, Fellowship Hall, 3 Sunday School rooms,

office, sound booth, nursery, baptistery

Custom Content Included in FURNISHED:

ScriptureCross by KevinsHope http://www.simsafe2....php?showtopic=4

Small Table Bible by worship4ever0227 http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=193784

Token of Faith Crucifix by KevinsHope http://www.modthesim...718#post1581718

Christian Objects by Kisa (banners; altar; Holy Cross large; Holy Cross fancy; pulpit; Holy water receptacle; Holy Cross) http://www.religiosi...hristianP1.html

Hardwood Church Pew ? Requested by Worship4Ever0227 http://modthesims2.c...ad.php?t=186995

Christian Paintings by MaAlet http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=354

Paintings By ?leonardo Da Vinci? by ShanOw http://sims2world.fr...php?p=1083#1083

Golden 2 carpet by Cheryl http://www.sterlings...s_web_5_218.htm

Animated Ceiling Fan Light by pacotacoplayer http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=182325

Flowers and 2 Pots by khakidoo http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=233613

Irises by macarossi http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=195057

The Non Rocking Rocking Chair by scarred811 http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=225309

(the cribs in the nursery:)

Frogs on Blue Ensemble by teaquevm http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=170610

Set 076 "Summer". by SvetLanka http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=190175

New- Unisex Nursery and Baby Pics by hopebayler http://www.insimenat...ead.php?t=59870

Decorative Wheelchair Ramp by Worship4Ever0227 http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=509

Edge smoother ?Edge Smoothers Set by Ailias http://www.modthesim...hp?t=168082&c=1

4 More Shrubs ? Meshes by khakidoo http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=221689

New Door and Window Meshes by simnuts101 http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=146562

Modular Round Flowerbeds by MaryLou & Numenor http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=158602

Custom Content Included in unfurnished:

Decorative Wheelchair Ramp by Worship4Ever0227 http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=509

New Door and Window Meshes by simnuts101 http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=146562

Golden 2 carpet by Cheryl http://www.sterlings...s_web_5_218.htm

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