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Lot Type: residential oceanfront

Lot Size: 3x5

Lot Value: $146,574 / $33,175

EP Requirements: I have furnished this home with items from all the EPs, but some EPs only have a couple items. So if you do not have one (or more) of the EPs required, you can still download this house. Here is a list of what each item has with what EP it comes from. (*Bon Voyage items are NOT listed, as this is a lot made primarily for Bon Voyage.):

  • 1 University
  • recliner
  • ivy trellis
  • community shower - outdoor bathroom
    2 Nightlife
  • 1 painting
  • kitchen sink
  • 1 floor tile, floor drain - outdoor bathroom
    3 Open for Business
  • 1 painting
  • dresser
  • bathroom mirrors
  • bathroom towels
    4 Pets
  • telephone
  • rug
    5 Seasons
  • 1 painting
  • table lamps
  • wall mask
  • Tiki lights
  • Tiki chairs
  • Tiki umbrella
  • 3 wallpapers
  • 2 rocks
    6 Bon Voyage
    *(see above)
    7 Free Time
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • 3 paintings
  • all appliances
  • bookcase
  • 1 floor

SP Requirements: -0-

Custom Content (Included)

Terrain paints

Rock for my princess by Margierytka

Path to Meadow Terrain Paint by parsimonious


Baby Green walls by me :D


3-tile coffee table by HeartDeco


Cooking Exhaust Hood *with light* New Mesh + recolors by smithycpl


Big Snaps by khakidoo

Tuscan Kitchen Recolors by luslips73 mesh by phoenix phaerie

"Kathy's Backyard" with Custom Frame and Shelf by NoRealLife2/Petunia Mae Witherbottom and rebecah :D

Monterey "Wild Bunch" flowers by Grapholina

Rug Recolor by me - Simply Styling Round Rug (4x4) by Simply Styling GET RUG MESH HERE: Echo's 3x4 rug mesh by Echo :)

Curtains "Leoni" Leonigardinespitze by besen

Four new Paintings by MaAlet

Leafy Towel Recolors by me :)

Cushion Recolors by me cushions "Sunny Paradise" by -Maylin- :)

Custom Content (Included)


Rock for my princess by Margierytka

Path to Meadow Terrain Paint by parsimonious

Baby Green walls by me post-60-1192219131[1].gif

Custom Content (Not Included)

Ceiling Tile & Controller by jgwhiteus

Reflection Floor by Murano

Additional Credits:

Ressu for sharing a particular file with me. Thank you, sister!

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