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Another Dormitory, Updated

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Oct 24 2007, 01:00 PM

This Dorm is sort of an experiment. In most universities I know of, students share rooms in dormitories. So I build a dorm with 4 rooms for 8 students.

To let it work, every room have 2 doors so that each student can claim a door. I test it in my game and played with it for a while now, and it works fine. Only remember when you have an unequal number of selectable students in the dorm, you must let a npc student claim a door first , and then let your student claim his/her door to be that npc student's room mate, otherwise the room will be invisible while playing, as in the case of rooms of npc students' rooms. biggrin.gif

This dorm is for the kid who worked very hard at school and have won enough scholarships to afford a room here. This dorm is more luxurious than any Maxis dorm. It has an indoor pool and hot tub. Each room has 2 beds, 2 desks and one computer, a dresser, chair and bookcase. There also is a balcony, partly under roof that is a great entertainment area.

The only custom content I used are floors and walls by me, recolours of Maxis myne door and Justa door, recolours of Maxis shower, bath and toilet.

You probably need all the EP's up to Seasons. You definitely need University, because you will find this lot in a university neigbourhood.

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