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      Items I have found that needed either updating or some type of repair. This area is in no way to be used to criticize or complain about other creators, we all make mistakes, and I have made many myself. This is just my way of helping fix issues for everyone.

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      CREATORS!! Here is where you can talk about your upcoming projects, get ideas for projects. If you need help with ideas for a project, you can post here! Or, if you just want to start a conversation about creating in general, this is the place!

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      Here is where you may request a certain item to be created for either Sims 2 or Sims 3. Please be reasonable and specify which game the request is for.

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      How has God worked in your life? If you have a testimonial that you would like to share with us, this is the place!

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    • Awe, that's so cute.  Thanks for sharing Dave.  It made me smile.
    • You know how you usually see a picture or a painting of a cat warming itself by the fireplace or a wood burning stove? My cat is warming itself by the coffee pot! 😼☕
    • Sorry to take so long to respond, plaid patterns went quite wonky. It was funny, but not something I would upload. I got my second Covid vaccination yesterday and it's been nothing like the first one. The first one, I never even felt the needle go in, this time around, YIPES! Last time only my upper arm was sore, this time, my entire arm throbs.  I am happy though to be fully vacinated. I'm still not going to rush out to eat at a restaurant, or be a social bunny.   I have to redo the dining chair, living room chair loveseat and sofa that I had already finished for my Get Together collection. The dining chair is 256X512 and all the rest of the seatings are 512X512. What that meant was the loveseat and sofa was laid out oddly and the pattern reversed itself at the halfway point. I did not like the way that made things look. Stripes are pretty much the best option of having the pattern be continous and not chopped in half.   Jake got a new stuffed toy because I had to leave him alone when I went for my shot. As hard as he has been trying he just canot shake the stuffing out of this one. Plus this toy goes where Jake goes, outside, upstairs, everywhere! It is hilarious to watch him struggle to get the toy up the steps. He's not always successful and I have to go and get it for him because he whines when he can't get it all the way upstairs. We had a long play session with the new toy so he is now napping.
    • I am so sorry that I missed this. I hope you had a wonderful day. Big hugs.
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