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      Items I have found that needed either updating or some type of repair. This area is in no way to be used to criticize or complain about other creators, we all make mistakes, and I have made many myself. This is just my way of helping fix issues for everyone.

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    • Wow, Jake has always been such an amazing dog but for him to know to only lick the edges of you bruised area, well I guess it shouldn't surprise me.  Amazing just simply amazing.  I am happy to hear that you are doing somewhat better too!   Hugh
    • Today I was able to go up and down the stairs the same way as before my fall. It's wobbly but at least I can do that. Unfortunately there is no lessening of the throbbing, or the shooting pains, or the pain in general. I am exhausted because I cannot get a good night's sleep as the shooting and stabbing pains keep me awake. Jake has taken to sleeping in his dog bed that is underneath my desk. He is sticking to me quite closely and checking on me a lot. The new friend I thought I'd made, yeah she hasn't ever contacted me, so I guess that's a bust. Walking around is still a challenge because my left leg isn't very stable and goes wonky from time to time. It has made carrying food from the kitchen to my desk a challenge. I have dropped what I made onto the floor and Jake is more than happy to get an unexpected meal.  It simply doesn't occur to him that he is eating MY meal. On the bright side he does a very impressive clean up of any accidental droppage of food.   He just goes into hoover mode and the mess disappears. His version of care is so sweet, he gently licks around the bruised area of my right knee, careful to never lick the actual bruised part.  How he knows not to touch that area is a mystery to me. Every once in a while, while he is in his dog bed, under my desk, he will reach out with a paw and gently place that paw on my right foot. I do believe that he knows how much that gesture touches my heart. When I do need to lay down, he's taken to bringing a ball upstairs into my bed that he pushes under my chin. He doesn't want to play with the ball, he just wants to make sure his favourite toy is close to me and that he is sharing it with me for comfort. He insists on a full face cleaning and then nods off. I need to  now.  
    • I have recently started to visit them again and I was so sad to hear about this. It is hard for sites to go on when the costs are getting bigger and bigger.
    • And just when I thought things were as bad as they were going to get....guess what??? On my right side, from my hip to my waist, it has also been completely bruised. I'm kinda like a very dark coloured rainbow. A rather ugly coloured rainbow to boot. I wondered why my side was also having shooting pains. Now I know!   I hope there are no more surprises. I'm about at the end of my rope.
    • Oh MM, this is not good at all! You need medical attention, my dear friend. My heart goes out to you, I am crying with you. I keep you in my prayers.    I so agree with Beck! I need a bathroom as near to my bedroom as possible, otherwise I am in trouble - which make overnight visits to almost any other place really difficult for me.
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