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PC Sims Windmill object


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I noticed a couple of PC Sims objects have been updated. I love PC Sims objects

and still use them!!! Thanks for updating them. For my medieval lots I love using the windmill! Can someone recolor the flour sacks to look medieval, and maybe make them a bit smaller?

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Guest KittenOnACloud

Hi bezo :)


Are you looking for different windmills, or requesting a new one be made? Sorry if I've misunderstood, but here's some I know of for download (last one you have to be registered on the website, but here's a picture).









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I forgot, Rebecah made a waterwheel HERE that produces bags of flour.

If I have this right, the windmill Bezo is referring to has two styles, Spanish and Dutch. I may be wrong, but I do use those in my game. I just don't have a picture of them.

I have attached the ones I use just in case they are the right ones. I can maybe do recolours but can't mesh the bags to a different size.


Minature versions are HERE and they had a picture.



These are the windmills Katy at PCSims made a long time ago. The link I give for the minature versions is at Insimentor, where they were made smaller.

The file I uploaded here is Katy's actual windmills.


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