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My Mom and I...


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So yeah, this is my mom and me. It's almost been two months, and I still miss her so much, people say I look like, her but I don't really see it. However she was beautiful so it's a huge compliment.


Like I said, she was very pretty, and gave the best hugs.


Our first "Mother/Daughter" pic right there, lol




She always seemed so happy to be around me.


This is my favorite picture. I miss her smile so much.
This was when I was about, 19 or 20, We don't have a lot of pictures once I became a teen. She put on a lot of weight and was uncomfortable, and I thought I was too fat, and was too afraid people would see the bruises and marks.



She was my heart, and I really don't know what to do with myself. I said it s many times and it was true, she believed in my when I didn't believe in myself, and loved me when I was so unlovable. I am so grateful for the time I had with her, but I wanted more. It just hurts.


I'm real sorry if I'm bothering everyone. I can go back to lurking. I just wanted people to see her. She was an amazing lady, and I was lucky to have  her as my mom. 

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You are so NOT bothering anyone. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful mother. You were blessed.

I have to admit to a certain amount of envy when someone has such a wonderful mother. I never had that but I am still very happy that you did. Happy memories like these can be a soul soother.

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Bless your heart ... thank you for sharing your pictures with us. You do indeed look like your mom. Your mom had such a beautiful smile that radiated through her eyes. I really like your first mother/daughter picture. I see that same smile on your face and the same light in your eyes. Take comfort in the memories you have as they are such sweet memories.  I know it's hard and you are hurting; I am praying for your peace of mind and that your heart be comforted through this time. Whenever you feel the need to reach out, do so. We are here for you. :icon_hug:  :Empathy:  :1hug:

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